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Employment Law for the Modern Business World


Experienced, complete legal support for today’s employers

Employment law considerations touch every aspect of your business, from HR policies and compliance efforts to responses regarding complaints of unlawful harassment or discrimination. Your approach to personnel matters impacts employee morale, retention, and productivity—and they can be very costly when mishandled. So it’s essential to have experienced counsel to help you prevent legal challenges before they start and respond appropriately when they arise.

With 30+ combined years working with business clients of every size, HF Law Firm provides comprehensive services for all your employment law needs.

We started HF Law Firm with one purpose—to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge you expect from a larger firm with the responsiveness and flexible fee options today’s agile businesses want. Let us provide your company with the legal reinforcement it needs in today’s business climate.






Areas of Practice

Employee Training

We provide employers with educational preventative legal guidance and internal training for HR, management, and non-management employees to help you prevent and respond to issues in your workplace.

Reduction in Force and Reorganization Analysis and Assistance

We will help you develop an organized and complete approach to reductions in workforce and company reorganizations. We’ll advise on the practical legal and logistical considerations and perform analyses to ensure no disparate impact on protected classes.

Day-to-Day Human Resources Consulting

Call on us to counsel you through difficult personnel decisions/situations and rely on us to help you navigate through complex issues that involve the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and other federal and state employment statutes.

HR Policies, Procedures, and Legal Compliance

Let us provide a 360-degree evaluation of your established company policies and procedures with an eye toward both federal and state compliance requirements.

Assistance with State and Federal Agency Audits/Investigations

We will handle and/or assist you through government audits and responding to complaints filed with government agencies. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and best possible outcome on your behalf. Ask us about our flat rate arrangements for agency matters.  

Drafting and Enforcement of Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

We are here to help you protect your business and valuable intellectual property through drafting and enforcement of employment agreements and restrictive covenants. We also help individuals seeking alternative employment to determine the enforceability of their employment agreements and/or restrictive covenants, and we assist with negotiation of fair application of these agreements and/or covenants.

Sensitive Internal Investigations

Trust us to conduct an efficient, professional, and discreet investigation into employee complaints of alleged harassment, discrimination, retaliation, embezzlement, or other misconduct. Our reporting is detailed, thorough, and clear to assist you in making the most informed decisions.

Defense of Employment Claims Filed in State or Federal Court

While our passion is prevention, we are experienced and effective litigators if a claim is ultimately filed in state or federal court. Again, ask us about our alternative fee arrangements for litigation matters.