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Our Approach

Big Firm Experience that Puts Clients First  

Our Approach

After years of working in large law firms with clients of all sizes, we knew it was time to flip the script on traditional corporate legal services and pricing structure. That's why we’ve taken a different, client-centered approach to providing first-class legal services—reflected in how we work, the services we offer, and our flexible rates and alternative fee arrangement options.

How we work. We bring a combined 30+ years of practice to HF Law Firm, and we work directly with each of our clients—no hand-offs down the chain to a less experienced attorney like you may have experienced with big law firms. From family-owned to Fortune 500 businesses, we provide you with knowledgeable, experienced, and fully-engaged guidance and collaboration to prevent and respond to employment law issues.  

Our services. Our broad range of employment legal services include prevention (i.e., anti-harassment/anti-discrimination and other employee training, policy review and development, and day-to-day HR consulting) to assisting with internal claims, federal and state agency claims and audits, and defending employers in lawsuits filed in state and federal court.  In addition, we also regularly serve as 3rd party investigators, focused on providing non-biased, fact-based feedback you can rely on to make decisions internally or with your legal counsel.

Consider us your partners and valuable resource, from preventative legal guidance and training to active litigation needs.

Our flexible rates. The high legal fees associated with retaining a large firm stem from traditional overhead costs. We purposefully started HF Law Firm using a low-overhead business model, so we can offer flexible fee arrangements.  Our rates reflect the experienced services we provide, period.


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