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Employer-Focused Legal Consultation & Litigation

Areas of Practice

HF Law Firm advises and assists in-house legal departments, human resource professionals, and business owners and leadership, on a variety of workplace policy, training, regulatory compliance and legal issues. We’ve worked extensively with companies in the transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, professional sports, and financial industries, along with many others.


Employee Training

Using our extensive backgrounds in harassment, discrimination, and other workplace issues, we provide employers and employees with the knowledge, information, and guidance to help promote and maintain a positive and productive work environment. We also provide management-specific training on how to identify and appropriately respond to workplace issues.

We firmly believe based on experience that this type of training not only prevents legal issues and claims, but it can have a significant impact on employee/employer relations, overall workplace morale, employee retention, productivity, and—at the end of the day—the bottom line. Everyone wins when employees come to work each day to a safe, respectful, and positive environment.

Reduction in Force and Reorganization Analysis and Assistance

We will help you develop an organized and complete approach to reductions in workforce and company reorganizations. We’ll advise on the practical logistical considerations and perform the legal analysis of potential disparate impact on protected classes. Other services include:

  • Analyze WARN Act issues

  • Prepare severance agreements and ADEA/OWBPA compliant group exit plans and releases

  • Develop employee communication pieces

  • Coordinate with outplacement organizations.

HR Policies, Procedures, and Legal Compliance

We provide a comprehensive audit of all aspects of your employee policies and procedures with an eye toward both federal and state requirements/restrictions—from document retention practices to core policies on matters like discrimination, harassment, retaliation, general workplace conduct, substance use/abuse and testing, and reasonable accommodation. We’ll examine your interviewing and hiring practices, record keeping, completion and retention of I-9s and OSHA logs, and your time-keeping and payroll practices.

Government Agencies

Engage us to review company-drafted responses or respond directly to EEOC or Fair Employment Practice Agencies within your state and other regulatory bodies. We can also represent or guide you through government on-site audits or investigations involving pay practices, harassment/discrimination issues, and/or other employment-related issues.

Employee Relations CounselinG

We are here to educate and guide your HR and leadership teams on both the legal ramifications and practical strategies of day-to-day employer decisions and processes, including hiring, evaluating, managing, compensating, motivating, developing, disciplining, and discharging employees.  We are here to help with time-sensitive and legally complex issues when they arise.

Sensitive Internal Investigations

Trust us to conduct an efficient and discreet investigation into employee complaints of alleged harassment, discrimination, embezzlement, or other misconduct. We know how to navigate the laws that may impact investigation techniques, such as employee interviews, collective bargaining agreement considerations, polygraphs and surveillance, and retaliation prohibitions. If requested, we will make well-informed recommendations to the company regarding response to/resolution of those complaints.


We are experienced litigators in federal and state courts across the country. Our trial team will consist of two fully-engaged partners—not inexperienced associates developing their trial skills on your case.